Fierce N Feisty Ambassador | Kyndell Downing

Fierce N Feisty Ambassador | Kyndell Downing

Hello FNF fans! My name is Kyndell Downing or as some may say, “Diva”, “Extra”, or my personal favorite “Barbie”. I have gained these names because as a young child I never wanted to be dirty and always wanted to look cute. As I got older, I learned that maybe it is fun to be dirty, muddy, and messy if you can be cute while doing so.

    Finally, I gave it all a try and went riding and now I am hooked and do it “Barbie style.” Barbie style to me means makeup done, hair done, and full out Fierce and Feisty. But what is it that really makes me Fierce N Feisty? 

    I am fierce because… I like to be over the top with everything that I do. Whether I am at school, work, shopping, or off-roading in the middle of a trail I am always going all out with makeup and hair done in a snazzy outfit. 

    I am Feisty, because I live by the idea of “be who you were created to be, live for yourself, and be comfortable with who you have become,” regardless of what obstacles may stand in the way or what people have to say. 

    Right before I really became hooked on off-roading, I underwent a spinal fusion back surgery from the top of my spine to the bottom. I now have metal rods and screws throughout my back. I never let it stop me and just a few months post-surgery I was jumping dunes or covered in mud… in style of course. I didn’t let the hardest obstacle of my life change my views on myself and continued doing what I loved most the only way I knew how… Fierce N Feisty!! 

    After talking with Jessica about her ideas for FnF I knew it was a perfect match. Every piece of apparel and merchandise Fierce and Feisty has to offer truly brings out the diva, extra, and barbie in me. It seemed like it would be an eternity before I found a brand that supported women like myself who love muddying, duning, and everyday adventure while getting to be themselves. Surely enough, I found my “fit” and it is and will forever be Fierce and Feisty. I cannot wait to share photos of my off-roading adventures and everyday attire, FnF style!